Would you like to live and work in England ?

If you choose to apply to work as a GP in England you will be supported with dedicated training
programmes, help with meeting language requirements and in meeting the standards of the national
Induction and Refresher (I&R) Scheme.

Step by Step becoming a GP in England

  1. Apply for a job!
  2. If English is not your first language you need to get the English Certificate: International English Language Testing System (IELTS), 7.00 Score or Occupational English Test (medicine version), B Level Score.
  3.  The 1st skype interview with the employer, if successful you start your registration with the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC is the organisation which sets standards for doctors in the United Kingdom. You need to be registered with the GMC to work as a doctor in England.
  4.  You visit your chosen area to find out more about where you will be working and to meet other international GPs. You will have a second interview and an assessment of your learning needs.
  5. Once you pass your second interview you will be able to join the programme. You will be allocated to a GP practice within the region.
  6. You will be provided with a minimum of three months of training and observation in your employing practice to prepare you for the Induction and Refresher assessments and improve your English language skills. You will then spend a minimum of six months treating patients with supervision and support from a senior GP at your practice.

Successful applicant assessments will remain valid for a year from the pass date.


What’s the assessment process?

The GP Induction and Refresher Scheme includes a number of assessments which help us advise on the best programme for you – tailored to meet your learning needs, experience and personal commitments. These are:


  • Mandatory E-learning modules: This is designed to help you understand the current structure and function of the NHS. It includes modules which are required for your Medical Performers List (MPL) application.
  • Observational placements: These are short placements, of up to a week, which allow you to spend time with a GP to learn about their role and work of a NHS GP in todays’ rapidly changing service. The ‘host’ GP will receive a small payment to support the cost of their time (£500).
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQ): This is completed on-line and there are two parts to the assessment:
    • a clinical problem solving paper
    • a professional dilemma’s paper (also known as a situational judgement paper).

    There are eight sittings a year in venues across the UK and in approved sites worldwide. Which means if you are working overseas you can complete this part of the scheme without moving to England.

  • Simulated surgery: Depending on the score you get in the MCQ you may be asked to complete a simulated surgery assessment. If English is not your first language this will include contextualised linguistic assessment and formal feedback. Simulated surgeries are held quarterly at the Royal College of General Practitioners’ (RCGP) examination centre in London. The schedule of assessments can be found here.
  • Workplace based assessments (WPBA): You will have regular workplace based assessments during your supervised placement at a GP surgery. These assessments include teamwork, clinical and communication skills based around observed consultations, case based discussions and clinical procedure observations. It also includes 360 degree feedback from patients (patient satisfaction questionnaires, PSQ) and colleagues (multi-source feedback, MSF). Results are recorded in the NHS I&R log book.

What’s on offer?

Whatever the reasons for your break – whether you’ve taken time out to raise your family or care for someone, or to work abroad or in a different profession – our scheme could be for you.

  • A tailored programme to meet your learning needs, experiences and personal commitments
  • A bursary of up to £3,500 a month while you are on a supervised placement
  • Help towards indemnity costs and other fees:       1. One off payment of £1,250 to assist with indemnity costs whilst on the Scheme

2. One off payment of £464 towards the costs of GMC membership and DBS fees.

  • One off payment of £464 towards the costs of GMC membership and DBS fees.
  • No fees for the first sittings of assessments
  • Reimbursement of fees for the portfolio route
  • Access to a dedicated account manager to help guide you through the process
  • If you are living or working overseas you can complete parts of the scheme before moving back to England.
  • Once you have gained entry to the National Medical Performers List without conditions you can expect to
    earn a salary of between £68,000 and £72,000 per year. This salary is the same across all parts of the NHS in
    England excluding London where you will receive additional funds to help with the increased living costs there,
    known as London weighting.
  • Up to £9500 relocation costs